Written By - Mohammad Riaz

Posted On - 17-06-2022

People have had different experiences when it comes to Taxi hire services. Some of these experiences, on some occasions, made people decide not to ever board Taxis again. If you want to stay safe from such experiences, pay heed to these 5 tips:

• CONTACT A REPUTABLE TAXI HIRE SERVICE This can be by phone calls or by mails if the company has a website. It is however, of great importance that you speak with the service provider on the phone to ascertain how responsible he is before you place your booking. If you decide to board a cab on the spot, it is necessary that you choose the one you feel comfortable with. Do not let any hotel agent or porter to force you into a cab you don’t like.

• AGREE ON A FARE BEFORE GETTING IN This has brought a lot of problems in some situations. You are billed based on either a metered charge or a negotiated amount. You need to come to agreement with the cab agent to avoid hitches when you arrive at your destination.

• HAVE YOUR CHANGE BEFORE GETTING IN Scenarios occur when you actually alight at your destination and pay the cab driver only to hear he has no change. While this might be a true reason in some situations, there are drivers who can make you pay extra by using this excuse.

• GET CAR NUMBER Note down the number on the license plate. This can help you in a tricky situation.

• KNOW THE SERVICE YOU ARE PAYING FOR Many cab drivers have this scrupulous behavior of carrying more passengers along the road in order to make more money even when it is a private charter. Do not let the driver trick you.

As one of the successful Milton Keynes taxi companies, we have had multiple clients which helped us build these tips. We hope they help you.

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